About the friends

The Friends of Bristol Haematology and Radiotherapy Centre is a registered charity (no 264136), which aims to improve the experience of all using the Centre – patients , visitors and staff.

We do this by:

  • Providing medical equipment which the centre could not otherwise afford
  • Supporting research salaries and innovative posts
  • Providing amenities and information for patients
  • Supporting staff in their training and education

The charity is a company limited by guarantee, and the Trustees are also Directors and members of the company. The liability of members in the event of an insolvency or winding up is restricted to £1.

The Main Committee is chaired by Mr John Miles; it meets quarterly to discuss fundraising, and make grants.

There is an Investment Committee which meets approximately 3 times a year with the Stockbroker to review the discretionary management of our investment portfolio.

The House Committee meets about 6 times a year to agree on the purchase of amenities for the patients, and other activities designed to improve the experience of patients and staff in the Centre.

Ad hoc committees may be formed to deal with special arrangements, such as the biennial outdoor opera, which has proved to be a popular and successful fundraising event.

The administration of the charity is in the capable hands of our secretary Mrs Liz Pritchard, who has an office in the Reception area at the Centre. She helps those wishing to raise funds for the Friends, and will visit organisations to describe the work of the charity. Liz can be contacted on our telephone line 0117 342 3432.