You can help us by becoming a Friend, for an annual fee of a minimum of £10.

Being a Friend means you will

  • receive a welcome pack
  • receive a bi-annual newsletter
  • be invited to the Annual General Meeting
  • have priority booking for Friends events

If you are able to commit to an annual fee of at least £100, you will become a Good Friend, and, in addition to the above you will:

  • be named on a panel displayed at the Centre, and in the Annual report
  • be able to obtain tickets for Friends events at a 10% discount

If you are able to make a one-off gift of £2,500, you will become a Lifelong Friend, and your name will appear on our annual report, and on a board displayed at the Centre.

What does it mean to be a Friend?

There are no required duties, but we do hope that Friends will:

  • Assist us with fundraising events
  • Help with collection tins at supermarkets, football matches and other events (this can be instead of paying an annual subscription)
  • Leave us a legacy in their will
  • Spread the good word about who we are and what we do, and encourage others to join us
  • Come along to the AGM, and let us know what you think we should be concentrating on in the future
  • Consider applying to join the Main Committee (which meets 4 times a year), the House Committee (which provides patient amenities), or the Investment Committee (which manages our investments, with the help of a stockbroker).